Catherine Seelig ’01, a Park Service ranger in Glacier National Park gets some nice press in this article.

Catherine Seelig, 25, a Williams College grad from Amherst, Mass., was in her fourth summer at Glacier, this time as a Park Service ranger.

Now, on a Monday morning, she led us single file, some shouldering backpacks, some not, one fellow carrying a 4-year-old on his shoulders, his wife packing their stuff.

Though guidebooks advise wearing bear bells — $6.19 each at Many Glacier Hotel — none of us was tinkling.

At a stop as the rising trail cleared the woods and a rich flower field opened before us like a bear’s breakfast room — yes, she said, they are flower-devourers — she explained why many hikers don’t wear bells.

Research indicates that bears don’t recognize bells as evidence of human presence, she said, though they recognize conversation and avoid its source.

So, walk the trails in groups of at least three, she said. (Because bears don’t have such large appetites?) And don’t hesitate to shoot the breeze with the stranger ahead of you.

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