Nice article on the Transcript about summer jobs at Williams.

It may be summer, but a number of college students are hard at work on the Williams College campus. However, they are not studying. Instead, from mid-June to Aug. 25, the students are employed in places like the conference, admissions and public relations offices, as well as in areas of information technology and scientific research.

Dan Ohnemus ’04 gets in some nice quotes. They even have a philosophy major, Markus Burns ’06, as tour guide, as I was 20 years ago.

Daniel Narva [’05] of Natick is a Williams College student. This is the first summer he has worked at Williams.

The best part about the job, he said, is that he doesn’t have to make any decisions.

“I’m a gopher, so I get told what to do. I’m not writing any papers,” Narva said.

Burns agreed: “I didn’t want to do science research because classes are hard enough.”

I also thought that philosophy classes at Williams were hard, at least until I tried fatherhood.

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