John Walsh ’83, running for District Attorney in Denver, lost, coming in 3rd in a three person race.

Walsh, a 43-year-old former federal prosecutor now in private practice, phoned Morrissey to offer congratulations and McCann to “offer shared commiseration.”

He said he felt good about how he did in the race, since he didn’t raise as much money as the other two. Walsh also believed the debate’s focus on public trust in police with officer-involved shootings was important. “I think the debate we’ve had over the last few months has really strengthened where we will go in the city,” Walsh said.

If only he had listened to EphBlog’s advice and spruced up his campaign blog! Walsh was endorsed by the Denver Post. My guess is that this is not the last time that Walsh will run for office. If so, he should probably take down his old website.

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