Monday, August 23, 2004: First day of classes here at UTPB, and my students undoubtedly will benefit from how well the Sox are playing. It’s sad but true – the Sox effect my mood, and my mood in so many obvious ways effects my students. Of course it goes without saying that Yankees’ hats are strictly verboten in my class, which usually garners a whole lot more support than it engenders hostility. In any case, I’m only draconian where I must be, but Yankees’ hats are a must quash situation.

Today the mood was good. The Sox won last night, completing a second consecutive sweep and revealing how the bounces are suddenly going our way. In the 8th Manny slipped and allowed a ball to go past him and tumble around the base of the wall before Johnny Jesus was able to get to it and toss it toward the infield with his noodle arm. Nonetheless the ChiSox baserunner assumed Manny would catch it, so he went back to first and thus could not score. They got guys as far as second and third with no outs, and yet Midland, Texas’ own Mike Timlin got us out of it unscathed. This is a game we would have lost a month ago. We fell behind 5-4 late, and the next inning Manny and went deep giving us the 6-5 lead that would prove to be the final score.
Last night we flew from Chicago to Toronto, where the Jays will surely be intent on getting a little revenge for our sweep of them last week. We, meanwhile, have Schilling and Pedro going to the mound, as well as Waker, so we are pretty happy with our odds, all things considered. This morning Mientkiewitz went on WEEI and talked about how great the clubhouse atmosphere is. Meanwhile, though he has been hitting, it sounds as though Nomar might be hurting again, as the word from Chicago is that he is going in for an MRI after having missed two games. Minky is playing sterlingly in the field and he is swinging the bat well too, and Cabrera is becoming more reliable. We are on a roll this month, and Toronto is a good team against which to keep that trend going. If we do, I’ll be happy, which will make my students happy. And selfless guy that I am, it’s all about keeping the students happy.

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