Karen Lichtman ’02 has a hilarious post on what happens when a refrigerator breaks for several weeks when no one is around to notice.

The next day I called the Simmons and explained the problem. Yes, the fridge light was on, indicating that it had power. No, it wasn’t making any noise or trying to cool down. They were sure it could be fixed. “Are you sure you want to fix it?” I asked. “I mean, it smells really bad.” The mom replied: “Why does it smell?”

WHY DOES IT SMELL? She clearly had NO IDEA of the MAGNITUDE of the problem!

“WELL THEN, you’ll JUST HAVE to CLEAN IT OUT,” she ordered. This is a woman who would die from smelling one whiff my fridge. If it were her fridge, she would have her maid clean it. Unfortunately, in the present situation, I was her maid.

Read the whole thing. It is probably the funniest WSO post of the summer.

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