Random Thoughts has a question for everyone’s favorite angry WSO blogger, Gary Lapon ’05.

But what are you doing with your anger? Are you using it as fuel for organizing? One of the easiest things to do when you’re at Williams is to (1) bitch about how hard you have it, and (2) one of the harder things is to try to fix things at Williams in a constructive manner. The harder thing yet (3) is to go into North Adams and try to help the folks there out, but to do it in a non-hierarchal, “I’m from Williams and I know what’s good for you” kinda way. The hardest thing (4) probably is to go abroad and try to help kids in sweatshops who are lucky to make $20 on average, a month, or kids who are fighting their governments’ wars.

And yeah, I know that we never talk about class at Williams. Why should we when 60% of the students’ families can afford to pay $200,000 for their education? That sort of stuff just makes people uncomfortable at entry dinners. And you wouldn’t want to disturb someone while they were eating . . . that would be downright impolite.

No word yet on whether Random Thoughts will be in NYC next week.

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