At some point, the College will have to put a name on the new Baxter, thereby revealing the identity of the generous donor, perhaps as early as convocation in two weeks. A favorite game here at EphBlog is Name that Donor, our attempt to guess the identity of this alum. I think that we are looking for a

very rich but not shy Williams grad from a not-wealthy family without a history of major gifts to the College, probably not a current trustee, perhaps approaching a major reunion.

My latest guess is Joe Rice ’54. Rice is a former trustee and quite active in College affairs. This past spring, while serving one of the chairs of his 50th reunion gift committee, Rice won the Rogerson Cup, “the College’s highest award for alumni service.” He is a co-founder of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, one of the oldest (and most successful) private equity firms. Rice also served as an officer in the Marine Corps 50 years ago.

One reason why Rice might have asked that his gift not be announced last spring is that it might have overshadowed the 50th reunion gift from the class of 1954. One count against Rice is that Morty’s letter about the gift makes it appear like Morty doesn’t know the giver that well, whereas I think that Morty does know Rice. In fact, I think that Rice was chairman of the committee that selected Morty.

Perhaps we have some readers who can give us a few more clues. If not Rice, then who?

UPDATE: One of EphBlog’s anonymous sources reports that this guess is also wrong. Alas, s(h)e refuses to provide any other guidance.

UPDATE 2: Our source suggests that we will never be able to guess. The donor is not a well-known Eph name. Hmmmm.

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