I received this via e-mail and figured the readers of this blog would make an excellent resource to answer the questions within:


I’m not now nor have a been a student at Williams. I’m trying to
locate my ancestors. Some interesting finds have brought me to
Williams and a few more clicks have brought me to your site. One of
your goals is to perserve history, so I’m taking a shot.

One of my ancestors was/is: Robert G. Barrow, born in 1911. It is
said he was a musical prodigy. When I do a google search – I find a
reference to a Robert G. Barrow Memorial Prize in composition from
Williams. I’m not sure if this is the correct “Williams”.

Do your college records go back that far, that he might have been
either a student or possilbly an instructor? Would you have any
suggestions on who I might talk to?

Thank you for your time.

Susan Spaulding

I suggested e-mailing “someone” in the alumni office, but I don’t know anyone specifically to contact.

If you have additional ideas and/or contacts, please post them up here and help Susan out.

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