Thursday, September 2, 2004: I am in a bit of a frenzy to get everything I need to done before I head out of here for my London trip. But not wanting to tempt fate, and knowing that this is the key ten-day stretch of the season, it would be irresponsible for me not to write before heading off to the Midland airport for my trip to Merry Olde England.

Another day, another win. I do not want to sound flip about this, as if I am merely taking it all for granted, but it is a refreshing change from most of this season when I wake up expecting the Red Sox to win that day and am surprised when they do not. Last night’s game was a bit of a circus, with both starting pitchers getting pounded early and the teams swapping runs. The Sox prevailed 12-7, simply showing more firepower and almost as much aggressiveness as the go-go Angels. After Bronson flamed out in the third, we got solid relief pitching from mike Myers (of Tuesday’s meltdown, Tito apparently thinking we need him, and thus his confidence, down the road) and Terry Adams, two guys pretty far down the depth chart, but whom we may well need to provide some innings down the stretch. Everybody contributed – indeed every player on both teams had at least one hit. Millar appears to be getting hot again. He hit an absolute bomb that provided some insurance runs in the sixth. Bellhorn, Cabrera, Damon all contributed in important ways.
As of this morning we sit in a pretty good position, 3.5 ahead of the Angels in the Wild Card race, still 3.5 behind the Yankees for the American League east. As I expected, the Yankees shook off the 22-0 shellacking, proving it to be at least something of an outlier, even if a beautiful satisfying one. A sure sign that this is the year will come if they can overcome my absence. I’ll be watching as closely as one can from a country where cricket is more important than baseball, and football more important than, um, football. It is going to kill me to miss these games. But I have confidence that the Yankees will be feeling our breath on their necks and the Angels and Rangers and A’s will be in the rear view mirror, not closer than they appear.

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