Unfortunately, Scott Farley was cut yesterday by the Patriots. Not a huge surprise, he was a massive long-shot. Here’s hoping he makes the practice squad.

In other Eph football news, I saw the Ravens preseason game last night. Ethan Brooks started and played much of the game, in place of Orlando Brown who is with his ailing mom. Brooks played pretty well against Michael Strahan, arguably the best defensive lineman in the league. He may not start this year once Brown returns, but he looks to be the number one back-up at tackle. Since the average NFL career is only four years, Brooks has already beaten the odds by sticking in the NFL since 1996 (with a few years out of football in the middle of that period). Given that he has had to overcome a terrible tragedy in his personal life in that period, and of course given his unusual background as a Division III defensive player, it is truly remarkable that he still in the league as a solid offensive lineman.

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