Peter Krause ’02 has a forum up at WSO about FIGHTING HOMECOMING CHANGE [his caps]. Although we have already discussed this topic a bit, I can’t help but comment that Krause is using the wrong method for his purpose. If he really wants to change the policy, he needs to enlist the alumni, and virtually no alumni, outside of the last few years, reads the forums.

If I am wrong about this (and WSO may have the data), please correct me.

The main problem is that the forums were closed to outsiders — I think as a result of a rash of homophobic remarks a few years ago. You need a College or WSO login to read them. This is unlike the WSO blogs, which are availble for reading, at least, by everyone.

I have no complaints about WSO policies in this regard. Yet even someone as purple as I can’t be bothered to maintain a WSO account (or at least to remember the login/password for the account that I have). So, if Krause really wants to reach the alumni, he needs to find a place that they can/do read and provide feedback to him, a place to organize their forces.

EphBlog is here to help . . .

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