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Sox Diary: 9-06-04

Monday, September 6, 2004: It is nice to wake up to a Sox victory. If I am going to miss these games, at least knowing that they are continuing this glorious run is of considerable solace. Despite almost giving it away in the 9th inning after Schill went 8 and 1/3 with double-digit strikeouts and left with a 6-1 lead, we managed to stave off a furious rally by the Rangers to win the game and thus the series. The Yankees defeated the Orioles 4-3, so their tenuous lead in the East remains at 2.5 games. With the Sox traveling to Oakland to take on the Athletics, things certainly do not get any easier for the good guys, but they have continued this roll against the meat of the American League. No reason to think we will not be able to keep it going against the A’s.

Not shockingly, I get a good amount of grief here about American sports. The Brits just simply do not get baseball (as if cricket is simple to grasp; I like cricket, but let us not pretend that it is not a rather Byzantne game) and of course they constantly echo the refrain of those folks from rugby-playing nations who deride football for its padding. I try to explain how football is simply a more explosive game, that the lack of constant action that they also tend to mock means that it is simply faster. They do not buy it. If I like cricket, I love rugby, having played for Rhodes University in 1997, but the games are different, and one can appreciate both. In any case, I try to spread the gospel about the Boston Red Sox here in England, but it is a tough sell. Crumbling empires can be so set in their ways.