Tuesday, September 7, 2004: They just keep winning. each series that has come has seemed tougher than the one before it, and yet the Red Sox have shown that if they are playing well, nothing else matters, that they can beat anyone. While the Yankees are raising a squawk about games against Tampa being postponed due to the hurricanes that have struck Florida, asking for forfeits (very gutsy, George, though the way things have gone of late one can see why you might not think your best approach will be to win on the field . . .) the Sox went into Oakland, the toughest place to play this year, and beat the A’s 8-3 last night in a game that was far closer than the final score would indicate.

Arroyo recovered from the pummeling he received at the hands of the Angels last week, giving up a couple early but keeping us in the game. Manny and Ortiz helped to break it open at the plate, and we held them off for a great and important win. Waker has been struggling of late, but hopefully he’ll take the ball tonight and put us in position for another game win, another series win, and maybe another series sweep.
It is difficult to have to follow this from afar, relying on intermitent internet access and emails from Rob. But it has become a nice ritual. Five times now I have gone to find a computer not knowing how the Sox did just a few hours before. Four times I discovered that they won. It is a routine that is tough for me, because I want to be there to hear or see games. But they are winning, and in less than a week I’ll be back for the homestretch. The Yankees should probably look for alternative ways of getting wins, because we are not going away.

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