EphBlog, in its constant quest to whiningly lecture at younger Ephs, has more course suggestions.

It seems like ECON 357T The Strange Economics of College is the perfect class. Fun topic, superb instructor, and the possibility of a powerful letter of recommendation. What more do you need?

PHIL 388T(F) Consciousness also looks like fine. I have no first hand experience with Cruz as a teacher, but I would wager that he is excellent. Don’t let all that mumbo-jumbo about prerequisites fool you.

HIST 487T(F) The Second World War: Origins, Course, Outcomes, and Meaning also looks worthwhile. I have some honest differences of opinion with Professor Wood, but have heard good things about the course. Try to take as many courses as you can with professors that you disagree with. There is no better education.

If you don’t take a tutorial every year that you are at Williams — possibly every semester — you are losing out. Or you don’t belong.

First Years — at least the intellectually serious and confident among them — should sign up for a tutorial as well. There is no need to wait.

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