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Sox Diary: 9-08-04

Wednesday, September 8, 2004: We have now taken on the meat of the American League West and the heart of the toughest part of our schedule, and we have won every series. Last night’s 7-1 pummeling of the A’s, with Derek Lowe at the helm on the mound (I believe yesterday I averred that Waker would be pitching — clearly being out of the country has been bad for my attention to detail — mae culpa) and the bats continuing to fire on all cylinders. Tonight we go for the sweep with Pedro on the mound against their ace, so this should be a pretty epic game. Sadly, it is on ESPN2 but obviously I will not be seeing it. Though being on the west coast, it will end not long before I wake up tomorrow.

In theory the schedule eases up for a while until we face the Yankees, next week, but in reality, the games count the same. Losses still hurt in our quest to overtake the Yankees and to continue to lead the Wild Card with ease. Wins still keep us in the hunt. It is no good to slice through these solid teams and then to crumble against the Seattles of the world. Hopefully we keep it up again tonight with Pedro atop the mound.

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#1 Comment By dewitt On September 8, 2004 @ 4:34 pm

i was at the game last night — one of the benefits of moving out to the west coast is that i can actually get tickets when the sox are in town (unlike tying to score sox tickets at yankee stadium).

lowe didn’t look as sharp as the numbers would suggest, but the a’s bats were off, and there were a number of great defensive plays that kept runs off the board (and runners of the bases). the fact that the only a’s run was on a double-play ball says something.

the best part of the game was when damon hit one out on the second pitch of the game. the coliseum erupted — cheering for the sox. no joke, there was more noise for boston during the game than for oakland. the section i was in (right above the boston dugout) had more sox fans than a’s fans by about a 2-1 ratio. not good a sign when your stadium is half-empty during a critical series, even when the home team is leading the division.

oh, and trot nixon pinch hit last night. i left in the eighth to beat the traffic back over the bay bridge so i missed his ground out. hopefully he’ll get in the game tonight.

i’m going back tonight as well — pedro’s on the mound against hudson, so it could be a great game. and with the level of apathy for the a’s out here, i suspect i’ll get playoff tickets if it comes to that.

#2 Comment By Derek On September 8, 2004 @ 6:42 pm

Obviously I am jealous. Here in England, the games happen in the wee hours, and I have been unable even to arrange to hear an inning. just a few more days . . .
The phenomenon of Red Sox fans as visitors is truly astonishing. With a very few exceptions, we tend to take over. Even in Yankee Stadium, the numbers of Sox fans during those series is a magnificent thing to behold.
Enjoy Pedro-Hudson. It should be a doozy — Pedro being Pedro, the A’s playing for pride but suddenly maybe for their playoff lives if they are not careful. Damn, I’m jealous, but am loving England.