As long as there is an EphBlog, we will try to remember the Eph victims of 9/11. They were: Howard Lee Kestenbaum ’67, Lindsay Morehouse ’00 and Brian Murphy ’80.

The heart-breaking article in the New York Times Portraits of Grief series begins:

The first thing Brian Murphy would say when he got home from work was, “Where are my girls?”

There were three of them: his wife, Judith, and their two daughters, Leila, 4, and Jessica, 5.

That is the same thing that I say when I come home from work each day. It could have easily been me, or thousands of other middle-aged Eph business folks, in the Towers that day. Why Brian Murphy and not us?

I don’t know why the deaths of these three Ephs affect me so much. Three thousand other people were murdered that day, each as innocent and good as Brian Murphy. Hundreds of other Ephs died that year. But affect me it does.

Leila and Jessica are now 7 and 8. As I head out to coach my own 8 year old daughter’s soccer team this afternoon, I pray that whoever is coaching the Murphy girls keeps a special eye on them. They are all our daughters now.

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