As Oren Cass ’05 so diligently points out on his blog, Williams is having two vocal hard-left anti-Bush speakers on campus in a single 8-day period: — Howard “I have a scream” Dean on 9/28, and Paul Krugman, ecommunist [sic.] at Princeton and columnist for the New York Times, on 10/5 .

While Krugman is surely a favorite of the econ department, his work as published in the times is SERIOUSLY FLAWED, as Donald Luskin points out on numerous occasions. (see here under the “New York Times” heading)

Now, the question is, when can we see THE COLLEGE, as opposed to the GRC, Williams Liberty, or any of the campus religious groups, bring a non-leftie political speaker who’s not part of a “debate package” with a leftist? (and note that I’m not using liberal, as they’re about as far from the Liberal tradition as one can get). I’m not holding my breath for ideological balance, but I suspect that right-wing or libertarian speakers (on anything besides drug control) will be seen on campus shortly after hell freezes over.

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