In our counter logs, it is sometimes interesting to see what web searches bring people to EphBlog. One search that did so this evening was for:

“Williams College” AND faculty AND censure

conducted on Yahoo. Hmmm. Who would be interested in finding out about this topic right now? Likely suspects would include the perp, the perp’s attorney and enterprising reporters. But who searches for things on Yahoo anymore? And uses all cap logical terms?

I continue to suspect that the perp is either tenured or was born/educated outside the US. I have a new guess, but want to do a bit more digging first. As best I can tell, there is only one female professor (in a department with an African American colleague) who was not educated in the US.

Alas, whoever was searching did not find anything useful on the topic at EphBlog or, as best I can tell, anywhere else. In fact, I can’t think of a single example of a professor who was formally (publically) censured by the College in the last 25 years. Perhaps the Rosemarie Tong controversy — whose details escape me but had something to do with a lack of scholarly attribution on Tong’s part, IIRC — resulted in a censure? I know, second and third hand, of professors who were forced to leave for some unsavory reasons, but can’t recall an official act of “sanction” by the College.

Anyone with a better memory than I should give us the history . . .

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