A different anonymous source confirms that the department is Art. Apologies to Political Science, History, Economics, Music and Theatre for speculation to the contrary. This source also claims that it is the Studio Art portion of the Art Department and not the Art History part, consistent with some of our prior speculation. Apologies for speculation about other innocent members of the department.

If you don’t want more speculation, then stop reading right now.

Given everything that we know, the perp would have to be one of three:


As best I can tell, these are the only three tenured female faculty in Studio Art.

Anyway, one of the last clues in this puzzle is the fact that, in Lenhart’s words, the Speaker of the Evil Word was concerned “about the status of her own field of professional work relative to the fields of the others.” Hmmm. Here are examples of the work of our three suspects:




Who do you thing might be concerned about the status of her own field of professional work?

I’ll take door number 1!

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