I believe that Associate Professor of Art Aida Laleian is the person who, in Dean Lenhardt’s words,

raised a concern about the status of her own field of professional work relative to the fields of the others. At one point, she made a heated statement to the effect that she did not want her field to be “used as a nigger.”

For my evidence and reasoning, please see here, here, here, here and here. If anyone has reason to believe that my accusation is false, please let me know immediately, or leave a comment here. I do not make this accusation lightly, but there is a still a chance, perhaps as large as 5%, that I am wrong.

To be honest, the leap from the last three suspects to just Laleian is the hardest one to make. It seems fair to say that no one can imagine Professors Podmore or Takenaga ever, under any conceivable circumstances, acting as Lenhardt describes. The same can not be said, for good or for ill, of Professor Laleian. Speculation aside, a separate source confirmed that she is the guilty party.

I’d like to extend my apologies to Professors Shanks, Hill, Brainerd, Shore-Sheppard, Filipczak, Ockman, Jang, McGowan, Podmore and Takenaga for mentioning their names in the context of my search for the truth on this matter. It was not my intention to accuse any of you of being the guilty party here. Alas, at the time, the information provided by the College made it impossible to rule you out, and so I speculated freely. If any of you would like your names to removed from all EphBlog postings and comments on this sad affair, I would be happy to do so.

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