I just installed something on the server that will close all posts older than 10 days, so that they will not accept further comments.

That means that if you want to comment on something and can’t, it is probably due to being an older post.

This is put into place to help reduce the large amount of comment spam that we currently get – it won’t make the problem go away entirely, but it should help reduce it (also with MT Blacklist that we also use).

At first glance this might look like we are trying to censor further discussion on some posts – but that is the last thing that we are trying to do. In fact, I just installed discussion forum software and once DK and I have worked out the logistics of it, that will be made “live” to the rest of us here at EphBlog and then you can go in there and discuss any number of things – including previous posts.

The amount of testing I have done with this new comment closing plug-in is essentially very little – so please let me know if it is not behaving and I will look into it – as it stands now I think it is working correctly.

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