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Sox Diary: 9-19-04

Sunday, September 19, 2004: Yesterday’s game did not happen. Oh, there are delusional ne’er do wells who will claim that they saw a game, and that it ended in a 14-4 romping and that Derek Lowe lasted just 1+ innings and gave up an absurd amount of runs (6? 7? Remember – it did not happen, so fake numbers are unimportant.) Those same jokers will tell tales about how the Sox defense absolutely fell apart. But remember – there was no Sox-Yanks’ game yesterday. So today’s game is not an absolutely critical rubber match that will keep alive the Sox’ best bet at catching the Yankees. It is not a huge game for Pedro. It is not another ulcer-inducing showdown in the Bronx. Because whatever you hear, yesterday’s game did not happen. Thank You.