As I mentioned recently, I installed a discussion forum as part of EphBlog so that we can get into more detailed conversations on various topics. You can find it at

The registration process requires that you enter a valid e-mail and then it will send that address your password – this is to reduce the amount of junk/automated users.

Once you are registered, then you start your own threads, as well as reply to those which already exist.

I purposely chose something that is lightweight and fast, but might not have all of the extraneous features that some other boards have. I have also not created any different sub-forums – it is currently just “chat” in which we can talk about anything really.
If there is demand, then I will create sub-forums that relate to specific topics. Some examples which I would imagine might work well are “Politics” and “Sports” – surely there are others as well.

In terms of how it relates to the blog – there can be plenty of discussion in the forums that is totally unrelated to the blog – but it would also be useful if you wanted to post as a comment to a blog post “I have created a forum thread about this: LINK” where LINK is a link over to the forum thread.

This is currently not going to replace comments on the blog, but it is meant to be an additional area on which to discuss “all things Eph” (and we will likely need an “off topic” area where anything goes).

Those that know me will know that I am fairly easy going about things, perhaps to a fault. As a result, I haven’t yet put up any form rules and am hoping in my own naive way that we can keep things civil in there. Surely we can have disagreements and differences in opinion, but in a way that is reasonable.
But if they get out of hand, threads will get moderated and official rules will be made and enforced with an iron first of fury.

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