Monday, September 20, 2004: There reaches a point when even the most studious denial becomes obvious to the denier himself. Denying the 14-4 trouncing was an effective defense mechanism when it seemed like a blip on the screen, and when the presupposition was that we would bounce back, win the series, and give the orioles the business. But the reality was rather different – we got pounded yesterday 11-1 in Pedro’s start and then today we had a third straight horrible outing by a starting pitcher when Waker lost 9-6 to the Orioles, who have had our number all season. And to add insult to incompetence, the Yankees lost tonight, so we blew one of our few remaining shots to catch up and take the AL East, and eventuality that simply seems more and more remote with each passing defeat.

There is time of course. After our roll through August and the first half of the month, it was probable that we would come back to earth. Still, my mood is foul right now, and it can be largely attributed to the play of the Red Sox. When they are good they are very, very good. But when they are bad they are nearly unwatchable. I am more than ready for the good Red Sox to return.

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