Mark Hobel ’05 has a rambling op-ed in the Record about Kerry. The problem is that this piece has no business being in the Record. As I have noted before, the Record should reserve its limitted space for articles about Williams, at least when the author is a student. (I can see a case for allowing faculty members to write on national issues, as Professor Wood did last spring.)

This is all the more so in Hobel’s case since the argument isn’t particulary well done. I posted a quick critique in EphBlog’s new forum area. See also our conversation about the Swiftvets a few weeks ago.

Back in the day, there might have been a case for allowing up-and-coming Eph pundits to publish their thoughts in the Record. But now that every Eph can have a blog, there is no reason the Record to publish Hobel on Kerry. Hobel is a fine writer, consider his charming article last year on IM basketball, but only fine writing about Williams belongs in the Record.

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