We have blogged about Eph Art Mafias and Hoop Mafias before. How about a football mafia?

Blame UMass offensive coordinator Kevin Morris if Richmond upsets the Minutemen this week.

Morris helped Spiders coach Dave Clawson get his first college coaching job with the University of Albany in 1989, assisting Morris as quarterbacks and running backs coach. The two were teammates at Williams College.

“Kevin helped me a lot to get into this profession at Albany when I was a (graduate assistant),” said Clawson.

They’ve met across the field before. Clawson was head coach of Fordham and Morris offensive coordinator at Northeastern when the Rams went into Brookline and upset the Huskies in the first round of the 2002 playoffs.

Any Eph with an interest in coaching football should reach out to both Clawson ’89 and Morris ’86.

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