Responding to Dave’s earlier post (“Nigaleian Updates,” below):

I am not sure giving Ali tenure will (or should) remedy the situation. Given Ali’s strong teaching record and her outstanding professional achievements in the contemporary art world, it seems rather likely that she would have gotten tenure anyway.

One thing that seems to be missing from the current conversation on campus is the fact (clear to anyone who’s been following the contemporary art scene for the last few years) that Ali is a highly regarded up-and-coming artist. I am not sure how her accomplishments compare to that of the other faculty in the Studio Art department, but they are very substantial (representation by a major New York gallery; several solo shows at major museums, including MOMA; inclusion in the Venice and Whitney Biennials; etc).

Ali could probably get a job in almost any Studio Art department in the country — tomorrow. Williams needs to do more to address this situation than “give” Ali what she’s already earned.

Jane C. Penner ’90

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