The latest Record is chocked full of updates on the Nigaleian controversy, but the quotes from Professor of Art Ed Epping are key:

“All of the faculty who witnessed what happened at the meeting were stunned,” said Ed Epping, professor of art. “The force of the statement directed at Professor Ali was such that there was no way for Professor Ali to remain in the room.” Epping is on sabbatical in New York this semester, but was in attendance at the department meeting last spring.

When asked if he had been troubled by any public misconceptions of the incident, Epping said, “What I believe is not being discussed as fully as is required…is the vehemence with which this phrase was spoken and the directness of its intent.” It may read otherwise on paper, he said, but “the word ‘nigger’ was not used in that situation as a metaphor.”

Damning stuff. If others present at the meeting saw things the way that Epping (and Ali) did, then it would seem that a Rooney defense is out for Laleian.

Key Question: Was Lalelian’s husband, Professor of Art Steve Levin, at the fatefull meeting?

Note that EphBlog is continuing to honor Dean Lenhardt’s request that the community not speculate on the grievance procedure as it is unfolds. Let the College do its work, but let us hope that that work is done quickly.

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