Felipe, our man in Iraq, reports that he would be psyched to receive letters from friendly Ephblog readers.

give them ephs my address. While i’m at it, i’ll make a shameless plug. wiliams stuff makes me smile.

lots of love,

You can send mail to Felipe at the address below.

SPC Perez, Felipe
426th CA BN
APO, AE 09334

Everything goes at domestic rates (so letters are 37 cents).

In the past, he suggested:

Send mail. We’ve, honestly, got all the cookies/ candies/ brownies/ pork rinds we can eat. What I would love from each of you is a picture, a postcard of some beautiful place you’ve been or are currently at, or a simple, handwritten letter.

So here’s a plea to share the love with Felipe. It doesn’t have to be fan mail. A simple postcard describing your morning breakfast routine would suffice. I imagine that Felipe is craving a connection to a more familar and safer world; though a little affirmation probably would be welcome. [Note: I realize that there are over one hundred thousand men and women serving Iraq who are equally deserving of mail. Feel free to send some of them mail, too. If there are any other Ephs in Iraq, we would be happy to post their correspondence and addresses as well.]

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