The College has announced the 25 Phi Beta Kappas for the class of 2005. (Another 25 or so will be admitted in the spring.) These are, more or less, the 25 students with the highest GPA’s in the class.

Five of the students are double majors in economics and mathematics. Back in the day, I don’t think that there were five math/econ double majors in the whole class, much less in PBK. As we often note at EphBlog, the Math Department is one of the great success stories at Williams over the last 20 years. I also hope that some of the economics students are working on theses. The Economics Department did great work in distributing last year’s theses and I have no doubt that Steve Sheppard and Co will do a similarly fine job this time around.

I wonder why the math department doesn’t do the same?

In any event, congratulations to all concerned.

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