If so, Stephen O’Grady ’97 has great advice for you.

To be clear, each of you could simply visit each blog you want to read individually – like mine – by visiting the actual webpage. But as you need to check more and more of them, it becomes overwhelming. Much as I might like to think my opinions are insightful, amusing, or at least worth looking at, I can’t reasonably expect everyone I work with or speak with to visit my blog every day, mostly because they have no guarantee that anything’s changed. So just take my word for it, if you’re going to read blogs you need a ‘reader’ or ‘aggregator’. The purpose of these is simply to bring all of the different feeds you might read together in one place. Rather than visit 100 sites, I visit one. Makes it MUCH easier to keep up with everything. I can do 2 hours of research in a half hour.

Coming soon to EphBlog, we hope, will be an aggregator for all Eph Blogs. Try to contain your excitement.

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