Interesting article in today’s Boston Globe about the Trinity football program turning into a powerhouse. Coach Whalen has a quote in the article which should be of interest to those who chimed in on the athletics / admissions debate:

Whalen, the Williams coach, said Priore has run his program the right way.

“In my opinion, if Williams’s average SAT scores are 1,450, and we’re taking kids at 1,150, and Trinity’s average SAT scores are 1,250, they should be able to take a kid at 950. That has a lot of merit,” according to Whalen. “But, obviously, the pool of football players with 950 on their SATs is much, much larger. And you’re not competing with the Ivy League schools for those kids. They have their system, we have our system, and I have nothing but good things to say about the work that they’ve done.”

In other Eph football news, congrats to Scott Farley, who was once again signed to the Patriots practice squad, and to Ethan Brooks, who has started a few games at offensive tackle for the Ravens in place of the injured Jonathon Ogden, and apparently played pretty well. Brooks is quoted in this article:

Good to see he has mastered the art of the NFL cliche. While neither Brooks nor Farley is the most talented guy in the NFL, they must be two of the most persevering: Brooks overcame a switch from defense to offense, short stints with several teams, and a year out of the league due to a personal tragedy to become a valuable contributor, and Farley likewise faced (and will likely continue to face if he wants to stick) a long and bumpy road to making it in the big league.

Oh, and the little three season starts today against Wesleyan! Go Ephs.

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