Thanks to this post and Stephen O’Grady’s (’97) suggestion that we try the Planet aggregator – we now have an aggregator that collects the posts from the blogs in our blogroll.

Said aggregator can be found at, or from the link in the sidebar over on the right where you see “Eph Planet”. (when you install one of these things, it is generally referred to as a “Planet” for whatever the overall topic that keeps the common theme of the blogs… in this case Ephdom)

Some things to note regarding that page:
1) It isn’t particularly good looking. It is just the default template “out of the box”. If you have ideas for a better design, feel free to speak up. If I can find some free time, at some point I might try to get it to use the same style that we use on the rest of the site. Or at the very least add a logo and color scheme the same as the rest of this site.

2) It isn’t using magic, although that would be really cool. Instead it is looking at RSS and Atom feeds for blogs. So if you are on our blogroll and aren’t using something that creates those feeds, then you aren’t in the Eph Planet. It isn’t because we don’t like you, it is just because this thing needs a way to find you and then know what to do with what it finds.

3) There are two people in the blogroll that probably have either RSS or Atom feeds, but I couldn’t get them to work. Those are John Phillips ’02, who is on Blogger which means that an Atom feed should have worked… but it didn’t. The other is Todd Gamblin ’02, his site wouldn’t work for me consistently and I couldn’t get to the feeds section.
Anyone else that isn’t in there, it is due to not using a blog package that has the feeds – or at least not ones that I could find.

4) For whatever reason, it is showing UTC time on the right when it says when it was last updated. I’m sure there is a way to change that (I would prefer EST since that is technically where the server is, and where Williams is), but I’m leaving it “as is” for now.
Also, that page will update itself every 7 to 9 hours, so that it gets 3 updates in, every day.

5) It is possible that someone else besides me will add your blog to the blogroll and I won’t notice. So if you see that you are on our blogroll, but you aren’t in Eph Planet (and you want to me), then let me know. Along the same lines, if you are in there and you don’t want to be, again just let me know and I can take you out.

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