Derek Catsam ’93 made a series of predictions about the elections and claimed that “there is little accountability in the whole punditry game, so if I am wrong, absolutely nothing will happen.”

Not true! EphBlog will mock you for your liberal cocooning. ;-)

Derek also notes that

The Electoral College is both undemocratic and it is un-republican, lower case in both instances. A winner-take-all vote that dismisses the results of the electorate makes no sense. The Electoral College in theory is supposed to protect us from, from, well, from something. What precisely were we protected from in 2000? Other than the will of the majority, I mean.

The Electoral College protects us from excessive worries about vote fraud. Even today, much less 100 years ago, there is vote fraud in the US. So, if you live in state A, you have every reason to be concerned that the popular vote total in state B is not accurate. Without the Electorial College, those fraudulent votes — i.e., every vote over 50% — would matter. With the Electoral College, they don’t.

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