A recent campus mailing notes that:

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Nov. 18-20, Cap and Bells will present “Art”
by Yasmina Reza. Art is a show about Serge (Stuart Jones ’08), a dermatoligist
who buys a white painting, and the effect his purchase has on his friends Marc
(Jim Prevas ’06) and Yvan (Will Curtiss ’07).


1) I would be curious to know how the “dermatoligist” is portrayed here. Is his speciality central to the show or could he just as easily been another kind of doctor? As noted here often before, dermatology is a marvelous field. I recommend that all Eph doctors in training, especially Sarah Hart ’02 Luis Taboada ’02, consider it.

2) Where is the show about the Nigaleian controversy? I am no theatre major, but it sure seems like the setting of the infamous department meeting would make for a great one act play. The obvious hook would be to run the scene several times, Rashomon-like. In one version, Laleian is merely using the (obscure) dictionary definition, a la the Rooney defense. In another, she is a vicious racist. For extra credit, this could be a one-woman play . . .

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