Mark Rothman goes undercover as an Amherst pre-frosh in this week’s Record, an article I have been dying to read for years.

While out at all these parties, I was asked where I was applying. I continually said I was choosing between Amherst and Williams. Most students had the following to say about Williams: “Do not go there,” “the kids suck,” “it’s in the middle of nowhere” and “they have a terrible Features writer who thinks he is funny.” I translated most of this into: “I did not get into Williams and they continually dominate the NESCAC and the U.S. News and World Report rankings.”

All of the students said I should definitely attend Amherst and that I was the funniest pre-frosh they had ever had. To sum up, I won $30, got a ton of free beer, was hanging out with first-year girls and was told that I was funny. Maybe I should transfer?

If I were an alum with money to spend, I would donate to the Record right now.

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