A WSO all-campus e-mail on the JA Selection Committee application deadline just came out. Are these archives anywhere? If not, they should be. You can see more or less the same message here.

As we note most every year, the JA Selection Committee is an amazing opportunity to have a real impact on campus. It is a ton of work but an intense experience. You certainly have no business complaining about the sort of people who become JAs if you decline the chance to participate in their selection. Here is more on the process and on the start of the use of interviews.

Cynics often claim that Williams exists in a purple bubble, quite unlike the outside world that students eventually have no choice but to enter. This is somewhat true. But there are many opportunities on campus to participate in activities that are real slices of the world outside. The JA Selection Committee is one of those activities. Another would be the Finance Committee (if that is still the terminology) of College Council.

In both cases, the students involved have real responsibility and are confronted with difficult choices about which reasonable people strongly disagree. Much of life in the professional world beyond the purple bubble is like that. So, for those who are curious about the many meetings that they will attend post-graduation or who want to start training themselves in the art and science of group decision-making, the JA Selection Committee is the place to be.

My one suggestion: Expand the size of the committee to include just about all applicants. Last year, the committee had around 20 members but 35 or so applicants. (Correct me if those numbers are wrong.) Although a larger group would make for a more unwieldy process, the benefits of inclusions outweigh the costs of size.

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