Although there are four Chris Jones’s listed in the alumni directory (including my roommate ’88), I am pretty sure that this article is about Chris Jones ’94.

Following a self-proclaimed disappointing season for the Columbus Academy boys basketball team, coach Chris Jones talked to his college coach.

“I asked my college coach at Williams College (Williamstown, Mass.), and he said it takes about three to four years to have your philosophy firmly entrenched,” said Jones, whose team opens Friday at Marion River Valley. “But after two years, these kids here at Academy are smart enough and are picking up on stuff. The older kids are self-policing allowing the coaches to do more coaching.”

Harry Sheahy ’75 (almost certainly the unnamed coach above) knows that he is doing a good job since his students still reach out to him for advice a decade after leaving Williams. How many members of the “academic” faculty can make the same claim?

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