A cheerleading article on CNN highlights the orientation program for minority students at Trinity. The article notes that:

Two years ago, Williams College in Massachusetts stopped bringing minorities and athletes to campus early. There are still some orientation events for minorities, but all students go through much the same program, designed to introduce them to neighbors and to the broader class.

It seems that there has always been a First/Freshmen Days program at Williams, but, back in the day, it was a much simpler affair. I have yet to see commentary arguing that the old program was better than the current extensive one.

Of course, not everyone will be in favor of such a radical change. Presumably there are some First Years who might have made the varsity soccer team if they had more time at varsity practice. But the most interesting category of (potential) complainers is the diversity lobby.

At 2,188-student Trinity, Spurlock-Evans [dean of multicultural affairs] says a program like PRIDE does not prevent that kind of campus-wide bonding later in the week. But she says it is essential to show minorities the support they have.

“If you don’t grab them in the first five weeks, they’re gone,” she says. “There would be no one to integrate if we didn’t support them.”

Mega creepy! In other words, if we diversity pimps don’t radicalize incoming minorities first, we lose them. Of course, Spurlock-Evans and her ilk across the country don’t read this sentence the way that I do.

The new First Year program, either by accident or design, makes the point that we are all purple first. Kudos again to Morty, either for originating this idea himself and/or for overseeing such a great change to life at Williams.

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