The Record has an interesting article on early decision applications.

This year’s Early Decision class is comprised of 258 women and 232 men. It includes 34 Asian-Americans, 13 Hispanics, 10 African-Americans and two Native Americans. Nesbitt said the numbers for African-Americans and Hispanics decreased by one or two applicants, and the number for Asian-Americans applicants was “healthy.” The pool of 490 also includes 50 international students.

These statistics come, presumably, from the Common Application that Williams is now using. But there is a much richer set of information available therein. The Common App provides sub-categories like “Puerto Rican” as well as allowing applicants to choose “Other”. It also encourages students to check all the boxes that apply.

So, speaking as a reader of and contributor to the Record, I’d like to see a lot more detail here. How many applicants picked “Other”? How many checked more than one box? What is the ethnic breakdown of the international applicants (or are they included in the numbers above)?

In all likelihood, my eldest daughter will be filling a form like this one 10 years from now. Given her ancestry, it is not clear what box(es) she should check. (Interpret “should” here to be either a) the boxes most likely to improve her chances of admissions, or b) the boxes that Williams Admissions want someone with her background to check.)

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