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Get a Life

Professor Ralph Bradburd, my teacher in ECON 251 twenty years ago this spring, has the following comments on EphBlog.

David, to be blunt, why don’t you “get a life.” Instead of spending your time worrying about whether Williams is too liberal, or too this or too that, or gives too much money to the town, or doesn’t give enough, whatever, just move on. Do you harbor some deep grudge? Do you think that Williams failed you in some way? Do you wish that you could somehow remake Williams in your own image? Do you think that the college is going down the tubes? Or that it WOULD go down the tubes without your constant monitoring? Let it go. If you really believe that the best possible use of your time and skills in this world is to fuss about Williams, then either your skills aren’t what they should be or you haven’t looked outside your window to see the real problems in this world.

I am fairly certain that Professor Bradburd’s comments are not directed EphBlog in general. I suspect he has no objections to postings about Eph engagements, Ephs in warzones or Williams in the news. Instead, what Bradburd objects to are my constructive criticisms [How about “wildeyed rants“? — ed.] of how Williams is doing as an institution and how it might do better.

His is a fair complaint. I thank Professor Bradburd for taking the time to make it and for giving me permission to publish it. Much of the (meager!) success that I have had in graduate school and the business world is a direct result of the quality of the education that I received from Williams faculty like Ralph Bradburd — as well as Morty Schapiro, David Smith, Alan White and many others — so I take his comments seriously.

I hope to prepare a more substantive response in due course.