Trustee Jon Kraft ’86 gets a nice write-up here (scroll down toward the bottom).

When Robert Kraft purchased the New England Patriots in 1994, it was his son Jonathan whose behind-the-scenes negotiating skills helped finalize the deal and secure the risk-filled financing that was needed for the Kraft family to purchase the team for what was then the highest price ever paid for a sports franchise.

More quoted below. Morty no doubt already knows that a talk by Jon would be at least as interesting as — and probably better titled than — one by Bob Scott. Indeed, it would be a great idea to arrange a talk by one trustee during each of their quarterly meetings. The more interaction between alumni — especially rich, powerful alumni — and students, the better. [You mean “enganged, thoughtful alumni” — ed. Them too!]

Years later, it was Jonathan once again who developed a creative financing strategy that enabled the family to privately-finance the entire $325 million construction project of Gillette Stadium without the popularly utilized personal seat licenses that are used by many publicly-financed stadiums. Many financial experts dismissed the viability of the plan, but Kraft’s business acumen, foresight and willingness to expand and take risks have made the New England Patriots one of the NFL’s most innovative and successful franchises.

In 10 seasons since the family purchased the team, Kraft’s hands-on approach has helped the organization find previously untapped financial resources that have contributed to making the Patriots one of the league’s most consistent and competitive teams in a league environment that promotes and rewards parity.

As vice chairman, he oversees the overall development of each department within the organization and assists in their strategic planning. He also works closely with his father to represent the Patriots in all league matters and is on two NFL owner committees. In addition to the Patriots, Kraft also plays a leading role in each of the family’s other business pursuits as the president and chief operating officer of the Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is the holding company of Rand-Whitney Containerboard, the Rand-Whitney Group, International Forest Products, the New England Revolution and a portfolio of more than 30 private-equity investments.

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