Perhaps the most deeply goofy of EphBlog traditions is our annual Eph Holiday Card Project.

Happy Holidays from the Kane Family!

Basic idea is that there are many Ephs out there to whom I should send a Christmas card to but, alas, to whom I don’t. I suspect that this is true for many of our readers. Top of my particular list would be several roommates that I have lost touch with as well as all my fellow EphBloggers.

What to do? EphBlog is here to help! Send a Holiday card to us. We will scan it in and post it. Presto! Your good wishes for the holidays are magically transmitted to Ephs far and wide. Send cards to:

David Kane
30 Washington Street
Newton, MA 02458

I’ll admit that last year, this project only resulted in me getting one holiday card that I wouldn’t have gotten anyway, but perhaps this year a fad will be born. Fun cards from last year include this one and this one


In terms of my card, longtime readers of EphBlog will note that Michaela and Cassandra are one year older. Despite the fact that my lovely wife took approximately 50 pictures of this tableau (the wonders of digital cameras!), I don’t think that this picture captures the girls as well as previous years have. Click on it for a larger view.

The real fun of this picture — and, if you have read this far, I am assuming that you actually care — is that the dresses were hand-made by the girls and their mother (involving lots of fun with pretty paint) and the mural in front of which the girls are standing (from our basement soccer-room) was created by them. Of course, in both cases, my wonderful wife did most of the work — just don’t tell the girls!


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