Oren Cass ’05 has a great op-ed on the “diversity addiction” at Williams.

The history department offered nine American history courses this semester. Four focused explicitly on ethnic studies, two on colonialism and two on slavery.

That adds up to eight, which means the department had the temerity to offer a course not focused on racial issues. But you had to be at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut to enroll, so at least the bigots were kept out of state.

Next semester’s courses are slightly more apple pie, with only three of the seven dedicated to race or gender. But these are the All-Stars, like HIST 468: Sex and Race in Colonial North America, which deserves a lifetime achievement award for getting the holy trinity of gender, race and colonialism into its title.

Read the whole thing.

Why isn’t Cass (or someone with similar views) a member of the President’s Diversity Committee (not sure if this is the appropriate name for the group)? It’s as if the Diversity panel is interested in the diversity of everything except for viewpoints.

Cass, intellectual coward that he is, has still refused to respond to my sharp critique of his previous efforts in the Record.

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