Luis Taboada ’02, EphBlog’s favorite amatuer anthropologists, notes that:

No one walks anywhere on Long Island. Instead, everyone drives anywhere. I’ve even seen people drive from one part of a parking lot to another when they’re going to different stores found in the same strip mall. I swear I’m not making this stuff up! So the only people I ever see walking are this crazy homeless looking guy and random Asian people. I always wonder why I never see anyone else walking along the streets/roads of Stony Brook. Or why these random Asian people are walking, instead of driving like everyone else. As Cory puts it, it’s like we live in a “only-Asians-walk” zone. Everyone else gets to drive except for the random Asian people who have been destined to walk. This all seems quite unjust to me. I’m going to go ahead and blame white people for it since they already get blamed for everything else. Damn white people…

I blame Amherst for this injustice.

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