As always, we here at EphBlog want to bring attention to the excellent work done by Ephs far and wide. Of special concern is work done by current undergraduates. My personal hobby horse is to urge the College to do a better job of putting senior theses on-line. As a small contribution to that effort, I am pleased to have pestered Richard Dunn ’02 into making his thesis available. Excellent holiday reading.

As before, special congratulations to the economics department which, as best I can determine, is the only department at Williams to proudly display the theses completed by members of the class of 2004. I believe that Professor Steve Sheppard was the driving force behind this effort, but David Zimmerman, as chair of department, deserves credit as well. Also praise-worthy are the efforts of Professors Kim Bruce and Joe Cruz to publicize and save the work of their theses students.

It is a shame that other departments at Williams are not, seemingly, that proud of the work that their students do.

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