Whitney Wilson ’90 writes in with news that

Chap Petersen ’90 (whom you probably remember) has formally declared his candidacy for Lt. Governor of Virginia. Chap is currently a Democratic State Delegate representing Fairfax, and was formerly on the Fairfax City Council. Chap has bucked recent trends in the Virginia Assembly by prospering as a Democratic legislator in a body which has turned overwhelmingly Republican since I’ve lived in Virginia. Chap’s monthly newsletters are very interesting, giving a rare (to those of us not in politics) insight on how the legislative process actually works.

The Democratic primary is expected to be hotly contested. Surprisingly, Democrats have been reasonably competitive in statewide elections in Virginia, despite the horrible beating they have taken in the Assembly. Here are links to a recent Washington Post article about Chap (registration, but not payment, required) and Chap’s website.

As always, EphBlog supports the election of Ephs, regardless of faction or party, across the US and around the world. It is interesting to note that Chap’s biography does not mention that he is a graduate of the Marine Corps OCS program. Perhaps the fact that he choose not to accept a commission after graduation makes this more trouble than it is worth to mention.

Younger Ephs interested in seeking political office should consider this program as an easy way to see if the military might be for them. It is hard to believe that having served in the military won’t be an advantage in political campaigns for years to come.

Alas, the Petersen campaign does not seem to have a blog, although the monthly newsletter comes close. Since Chap is a smart and serious guy, I have no doubt that this will change soon. Chap’s daughters are quite adorable, like all mixed race children.

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