Because EphBlog is a collective effort, I would like help from the community of EphBlog authors, commentators and readers in writing a new About EphBlog page. Our current version needs a lot of work. Below is my draft.

EphBlog is like a party. We hope that you’ll join us for a bit. Like any good party, there should be something here for every Eph.

First, EphBlog is a place where “all things Eph” are posted and discussed. If you want to read about Eph athletes, authors, CEOs, doctors, engagements, interns, Red Sox fans, runners or warriors, you have come to the right place. We cover financial scandals and criminal trials. We even do some original reporting, but links and comments are the standard fare.

Second, EphBlog serves as a resource to the community of Ephs, past, present and future. We try to answer questions, provide information, recommend good writing, help with reunions and offer advice. See our Eph Blogroll for all the Eph blogs that we are aware of. We collect feeds from these blogs at Eph Planet. For our readers, we provide easy PDA access and a collection of Eph quotes. At some point, we hope to provide Eph News, a listing of all news stories about, you guessed it, Ephs.

Third, EphBlog provides a forum for debate on:

In other words, EphBlog is not simply a place for you to get your daily fix of Ephery. We’re that, of course, but we aspire to greater things. Many of us who live beyond the Purple Valley have discovered that life after Williams does not provide nearly as many opportunities for honest, informed and open-minded debate as we might have hoped. A wise Eph does not argue about foreign affairs with his boss. A sensitive Eph does not debate economic policy with her staff. A sensible Eph does not argue about controversial issues of the day with the other parents on the sideline of a childrens’ soccer game.

So, where should an Eph who misses the intellectual thrill of the back and forth discussions that make a Williams education so magical go? Where can he find smart people who completely disagree with him but are open-minded enough to listen to his arguments and patient enough to point out his errors. To be honest, we don’t know. But we hope that EphBlog might one day be the answer.

Comments are always appreciated and, if you want to join us in these efforts, we would welcome additional bloggers. Come join the party.

UPDATE: Not that anyone really cares, but I am editing this in place as suggestions are made and mistakes discovered.

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