Building an inclusive community, one blocked out alum at a time . . .

Is there any conceivable reason why the information there should not be available to the world once the powers-that-be determined that it was ready to show to all current students? I can’t think of any.

Could one of our intrepid on-campus authors or readers please make this information available, either here or in some publically accessible place? If someone would just e-mail me the pdfs or html pages, I would be happy to put them up at EphBlog.

The College is, alas, on very rare occasions (really, only one that I know about) guilty of — how should I put this? — not sharing information in a manner befitting a scholarly institution. Up with this I will not put.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, I probably misinterpreted this the first time around. The fact that current students, staff and faculty can view something that alumni and parents can’t is not indicative of a plan to give us second class access. Instead, my guess is that the College has decided not to allow non-EPhs to see anything. I disagree with this judgment, but it is at least defensible.

UPDATE: Thanks to Director of Public Affairs Jim Kolesar ’72 for confirming that alumni/parents will have the same access as everyone else. Jim reports that this should happen next week and has only been held up by technical issues.

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