Thanks to the dozens of Ephs of all ages who have expressed an interest in EphBlog’s own attempt to create a cross-generational community of learning in the form of a virtual Winter Study seminar. [Dozens? — ed. I am rounding up from 1. Your father doesn’t count. — ed. Oh.]

But, like any good professor trapped in a classroom without comments, I’ll soldier on. Next step is to select the scholarly work. I have reduced the choices to two:

  1. The draft of Dan Drezner’s ’90 latest book.
  2. A collection of brief articles on various topics in higher education, probably to include:

    and perhaps a few others.

The main advantage of the Drezner work is that it is a large, cohesive body of cutting edge scholarly work. That’s also its main disadvantage since the cost of entry into the discussion will be somewhat high.

Right now, I am leaning toward option 2, but looking for feedback.

UPDATE: Other possible articles include this and that.

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